ACTVISION Security Solution is one of the leading SIRA and police approved CCTV company in Dubai. We have several years of experience in this security industry and have partnered with various SIRA approved CCTV brands in Dubai. We strive to provide better quality services at best competetive price than our competators. We assure quality of work and state-of-the-art technology to our customers. We offer all kinds of CCTV security products like IP CCTV cameras, HD CCTV Cameras, AI cameras and many more with latest technology. We are recognised as one of the best and trusted SIRA approved CCTV company in Dubai.

SIRA approved CCTV Installers in Dubai

We not only supply CCTV surveilance products, but also install them as per SIRA guidelines. Being a SIRA approved CCTV installation company in Dubai, We have a strong professional CCTV installation team of SIRA approved engineers who will examine volnerable areas in your premise and suggest best surveilance products to you. This installation team is fully equipped and follow SIRA guidelines of rules and regulations which can make your SIRA approval quicker than other service providers.
Our SIRA certified installation and support team also takes care of CCTV maintenance. Maintenance is necessary for smooth operation of securiy systems. Our team constantly monitor your security systems and fix the problem immideately if any detected.

Benefits of CCTV Surveilance Systems

There are several advantages of installing CCTV Cameras. These cameras can be very useful for home, office, pubic places, schools, hospitals, socity and business. In today's world where crimes are increasing, these security cameras can be of great help. They record each and every actvities happening in and around the premise. These recorded footage can be accessed anytime remotely on your mobile or monitor and can also be used as an evidence againt any crime.

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