Premier Access Control Solutions in Dubai

Access Control Solutions in Dubai

Move beyond traditional methods and discover ACTVISION’s modern access control solutions. Based in the bustling city of Dubai, we offer a range of systems, from single-door controls to large-scale setups managing multiple access points. Our reach extends across the GCC, Middle East, and Africa, but our special attention is always on the UAE.

in choosing ACTVISION, you’re not just picking a product. You’re partnering with a team that deeply understands the unique needs of the UAE and is dedicated to ensuring your safety and satisfaction. We’re here to make security simple and effective for you.Diverse Product Range

Advanced features like fingerprint, iris, face recognition, and palm vein technologies ensure unparalleled security.

Partnered with globally recognized brands like HID, Idemia, Farpointe Data, Invixium, and ZK biometric systems.

From keycode access control, swipe cards to wireless remote controls, experience the pinnacle of convenience.

Benefits of Actvision Access Control Systems

Elevated Security

Limit access to unauthorized personnel ensuring protection of sensitive areas and information.


Customizable solutions fitting unique organizational requirements, from visitor access management to specialized access timings.

Audit Trails

Keep track of every access attempt, ensuring a thorough record for security and compliance.

Cost Efficiency

A long-term solution that trumps traditional keys and locks, saving expenses related to replacements and modifications.

Biometric Access Control - The Future of Security

Biometric solutions are paving the way for a more secure tomorrow. Unique physical or behavioral characteristics are the keys, ensuring:

Absolute Security

No compromise with unique biometric traits.

Simplicity and Ease

Forget traditional keys or passwords.

Precise Audit Trails

Accurate logs for compliance and security.