Ezviz Distributor in UAE

Explore a wide range of EZVIZ security products with Actvision.

Actvision is a pioneer in security solutions, providing top-quality products for both consumers and the smart home market. Our goal is to provide visual connectivity that enhances your lifestyle, no matter where you are. With Actvision’s cloud services and smart home video technology, safety is always at your fingertips.

We’re dedicated to crafting security solutions that make you feel safe and connected. Our extensive product portfolio, including CCTV cameras, biometric solutions, time attendance systems, IVRs, and video recording, covers every security need.

As an authorized Supplier in the UAE, we’re committed to exceeding expectations with our IT and security solutions. Each product adheres to the highest quality standards, ensuring absolute reliability and advanced safety features.

Whether it’s simple surveillance or a complex, integrated access control solution, we have the right technology to address today’s challenges. With Actvision, your security is our priority.

Smart Living Hub

Ezviz strives to craft a life that's simple, safe, and smart. It empowers you to see, secure, share, and safeguard what means most to you.

User-Centric Design

With straightforward instructions and the intuitive EZVIZ app, managing your camera becomes a breeze, right from the comfort of your hand.

Pioneering Features

From real-time alerts, playback capabilities, interactive tools, advanced voice recognition, to smart locks – our technologies ensure a fortified and futuristic home experience.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

With Cloudplay, store your Ezviz footage seamlessly on the cloud. Our globally distributed servers ensure that your data isn’t just easy to access, but is also secure and dependable.

Leading-edge EZVIZ Technology

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge EZVIZ technology, Actvision is at the forefront of the security solutions landscape, delivering products and services designed to redefine the way you interact with your surroundings. EZVIZ technology brings the future of smart home video technology to you, integrating the latest advancements in cloud services to ensure your world is just a tap away, no matter where you are.

Actvision stands tall with adaptable and inclusive security solutions powered by EZVIZ technology. Whether your requirements are as simple as surveillance or as complex as integrated access control systems, we are equipped to handle them. Our focus on customer safety, combined with our embrace of EZVIZ technology, ensures that we can face any security challenge of the modern world head-on.