Hikvision DVR In Dubai

At Actvision, we understand the importance of reliable and high-quality surveillance systems. As a premier distributor of HikVision DVRs in Dubai, UAE, we are committed to delivering state-of-the-art security solutions that cater to a wide array of requirements.

HikVision, a globally recognized brand, is renowned for its cutting-edge video surveillance products. Their DVRs are designed to seamlessly integrate with various video formats, from standard definition analog to HD-TVI to megapixel IP, providing a versatile solution for your security needs.

we offer more than just top-notch DVR systems. We understand that maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your surveillance system is crucial. That’s why we provide expert DVR repair services to ensure your security never skips a beat.

Our team of skilled technicians is equipped to handle a wide range of issues, from minor glitches to major system malfunctions. We work diligently to diagnose and resolve problems quickly, minimizing any disruption to your surveillance activities.

In addition to our repair services, we also offer a comprehensive range of accessories for DVRs. Whether you need additional storage, replacement cables, or upgraded components, we’ve got you covered. Our accessories are designed to enhance the functionality of your DVR system and ensure it continues to meet your security needs effectively.


DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

  1. DVRs are used with Analog cameras.
  2. They convert analog signals into digital format for storage and playback.
  3. DVR systems process the video data at the recorder, rather than within the camera.
  4. They require the use of separate cables for video and power, typically coaxial cables.
  5. DVRs are generally less expensive than NVRs.
  6. They are ideal for systems that have all cameras located close to the recorder.

NVR (Network Video Recorder)

  1. NVRs are used with IP (Internet Protocol) cameras.
  2. They receive digital information directly from the camera, so no conversion is needed.
  3. NVR systems process the video data in the camera itself, then stream it to the NVR for storage and remote viewing.
  4. They use Ethernet cables that carry both video data and power, simplifying installation.
  5. NVRs are typically more expensive than DVRs.
  6. They are ideal for systems where cameras are spread out or need to be positioned far away from the recorder.
  7. NVRs can record and play back higher resolution video than DVRs because they work with digital IP cameras.

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