24 Port Gigabit Full Managed POE Switch

  • DS-3E2500-H series supports the combination of “Ethernet port + optical port” to meet networking requirements of various scenarios, which is convenient for users to build a flexible network. It offers 24-port, and 48-port access and all ports support Gigabit wire speed forwarding capabilities to meet users’ needs.
  • The virtualization technology allows each slave device in the stack to serve as the backup of the master, creating control and data link redundancy, as well as uninterrupted layer-3 forwarding. This improves the reliability, avoids unplanned business downtime and serves to improve overall performance. When the master device fails, traffic remains uninterrupted.
  • Support ARP Detection, which can prevent hackers or attackers from implementing “ARP spoofing attacks” through ARP packets. Support IP Source Guard, which can prevent illegal address spoofing including MAC spoofing, IP spoofing, MAC/IP spoofing, and DoS attacks. Support DHCP Snooping, which can prevent private DHCP servers and ensure the authenticity and consistency of the DHCP environment. Support port security features, which can prevent MAC address-based attacks and realize traffic permit/limit based on a MAC address.
  • Support speed limit on port and traffic to prevent malicious invasion of network bandwidth and provide multiple granular management tools. Support SP (Strict Priority), WRR (Weighted Round Robin), and SP+WRR queue scheduling algorithms, and support multi-priority data transmission. Support rich IPv6 services and multiple IPv6 management tools.
  • Support CLI command line, Web network management, and Telnet, making device management more convenient. And support SSH2.0 and other encryption methods, making management more secure. Support remote upgrade of devices through FTP and TFTP, SNMP v1/v2c/v3
  • Energy-saving design greatly reduces device power consumption and trouble spots. Radiation is reduced to reach the standard for household electrical appliances and is harmless to humans.
  • specification

    • Key Feature
    • Security

      Hierarchical user management and password protection

      SSH for a secure encrypted channel for user login

      Specific IP address based FTP logging and password mechanism

      Prevent attacks from ARP, unknown multicast packet, broadcast packet, unknown unicast packet, TTL=1 packet, and protocol packet

      MAC address limit

      IP+MAC+PORT binding

      IEEE 802.1x

      Radius and AAA


      Broadcast suppression

    • Management maintenance

      Command line configuration via console/AUX Modem/Telnet/SSH

      Uploading and downloading of FTP, TFTP, and Xmodem, and SFTP files

      SNMP V1/V2c/V3



      NTP clock

      System operating logs

    • ACL

      ACL on Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4

      IPv4 and IPv6 ACLs

      VLAN ACL

    • VLAN

      802.1Q (up to 4K VLAN)

      Protocol-based VLAN

      MAC-based VLAN


      VLAN mapping


    • DHCP

      DHCP Relay

      DHCP Client

      DHCP Snooping

    • Network Parameters
    • Multicast

      IGMP V1/V2/V3 snooping

      PIM Snooping

      Multicast VLAN

      IPv6 multicast setting

    • Packet Forwarding Rate92 Mpps
    • QoS

      SP/WRR/SP+WRR queue scheduling

      802.1p and DSCP priority mapping

      Port speed limit

    • Software Function
    • Reliability

      Ethernet OAM


      Smart Link

      Monitor Link

    • Routing Feature

      Static routing

      RIPv1/v2 and RIPng


      BGP and BGP4+ for IPv6

    • IPv6

      IPv6 static routing and dual-stack

      DHCPv6 Client and DHCPv6 Snooping

      ND and PMTU

      IPv6 Ping, IPv6 Telnet, IPv6 SSHv2, and IPv6 domain name resolution

    • General
    • Weight4.5 Kg
    • Operating Temperature0 °C to 45 °C (32 °F to 113 °F)
    • Operating Humidity10% to 95% (no condensation)
    • Ports24×10/100/1000BASE-T ports (POE+), 4×1000Base-X SFP ports
    • Dimensions (mm)440×260×44
    • Switching Capacity336Gbps
    • Power
    • Power InputAC:100V~240V AC,50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption448W

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