Single-Lane Speed Inspection Radar

  • High performance radar operates in 24GHz ISM Band
  • Special microstrip antenna design effectively avoids interference from adjacent channel target
  • Accurate speed and distance measurement for multiple targets
  • High dynamic speed measurement range with very high capture rate
  • Add WiFi to set parameters simply and fast
  • Advanced DSP technology, highly accurate speed measurement & very low false alarm rate
  • Simple installation and convenient in maintenance
  • Sensor performance unaffected by harsh weather conditions
  • specification

    • Technical parameters
    • Central Frequency24.15GHz
    • Central Frequency Deviation≤±45MHZ
    • Antenna Beam Width6°×6°
    • Capture distancesingle lane18~28m
    • Velocity range10km/h~250km/h
    • Degree of exactitude(-4~0) km/h
    • Triggering accuracy≤±1m
    • Communication InterfaceRS485(RS232 optional)
    • Temp range -40℃~+70℃
    • Humidity range5%RH~95%RH
    • Power Supply9 V ~12V DC

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