We provide expert Structured Cabling services, essential for your IT network's operation, ensuring long-term benefits and a reliable system.


We offers professional services for Structured Cabling. Cabling is the backbone of your IT network, carrying important voice, data, and video signals needed for your daily business operations. Even though it may be a small part of your initial network investment, it provides significant long-term advantages. Our team ensures a smooth and reliable cabling system, delivering lasting benefits for your company.

Why Select ACTVISION As Your Preferred Choice For Structured Cabling In Dubai?

We stands out as a leading provider of Structure Cabling Network Services, offering unparalleled excellence in the market. Our company caters to businesses of all sizes, enabling them to build robust infrastructures with a wide range of cable options such as Shielded pair cabling, unshielded pair cabling, backbone cabling, FTP cabling, Fiber optic cabling, and more. Additionally, we extends its remarkable structured cabling services in UAE, ensuring that customers’ current and future needs are efficiently managed, all at competitive rates. Contact Us Today!

Service We Provide In Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Subsystems

We offer professional services for Structured Cabling Subsystems, critical components of your IT network infrastructure, ensuring reliable and efficient communication pathways for your business.

Entrance Facilities

These serve as the main connection point, providing access to the telecommunications room and acting as the primary conduit for power, video, and voice signals. Typically, a patch panel is used to connect all incoming cables and distribute them to different floors or departments.

Structured Wiring

This refers to the physical infrastructure, including conduits and cable trays, necessary for installing and maintaining the cabling system.

Telecommunications Rooms

These designated locations house patch panels that connect workstations to the network, facilitating efficient network management.

Work Areas (or Wiring Closets)

These spaces are equipped with patch panels for connecting telephone lines and computer equipment to the structured cabling system.

Cabling Media

This encompasses the cables used to transmit information between network devices, such as twisted-pair copper cables and fiber optic cables.

Connectors, Clips, and Jacks

These hardware components are used to terminate cable runs at each end of the network segment, ensuring secure connections to wall outlets or patch panels.